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Historic Movies

If you love watching movies, then you already know about the Dune, which is an upcoming 2020 movie. It is a science fiction movie, which is directed by Denis Villeneuve. Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth write the screenplay. The movie is releasing in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, and the United States of America. The film has a two-part adoption from the 1965 novel of the same name. It has a major star cast, which makes the movie quite interesting for film lovers. The Dune 2020 movie is yet to release in the United States on IMAX and 3D, which is produced by Warner Bros Pictures.


The film is based upon the far future of humanity in which Duke Leto Atreides got the stewardship of the dangerous desert planet Arrakis. The planet is also known as the Dune, which is the source for the most valuable substance in the universe, the Spice. It is a drug, which is known to extend human life along with providing the superhuman levels of thoughts. Leto know that it is the traps and by the enemies to take the concubine. Leto takes the operation to mine the spice from the planet, which is quite dangerous due to the sandworms. After the betrayal on the ship, they are lead towards the Fremen who are living in the deep deserts of Arrakis.

Release date and Director

The Dune movie is all set to release on December 18, 2020, in the USA. Denis Villeneuve directs the film. It is a highly expected science fiction movie of this year.

The cast of Dune movie

The complete cast of the upcoming Dune movie is as follows:

  • Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, the scion of House Atreides

  • Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Paul’s Bene Gesserit mother and