Fun Movies

Fun Movies

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About bee application

The bee app is a content provider of bee movie and other videos that keeps the viewers entertained and satisfied with the output of the application. The bee app is mainly famous for its Asian videos and does allow the customer to play their local videos to the saving list.

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Latest trending videos and movies

The bee app is mainly famous for its shows by easy access to the latest show episodes and other videos that the user wants to view. The latest trending makes it an even more able surface to perform user’s various accessing actions. The trending episodes …

Fun Movies

Eddie Murphy started his career with 48 Hours and Trading Places was his second movie. After the release of these two movies, he became a popular movie star. In the year 1983, the movie Delirious shows the world how funny Eddie Murphy is. It was also shown how good of a standup comedian he is. As you already know that Delirious is an HBO special, so it is not part of this list.

It is often said that during the 1980s, there was not a person who was funnier than Eddie Murphy. During this time, he started on Saturday night live and was part of many box office success movies. During the 90s, he has some questionable choices that affect his box office performances.

If you want to watch the ten best Eddie Murphy movies that made him a star, then you can check out the list mentioned here. The movies like Beverly Hills Cop II and the Golden Child were not included in the list as it is quite hard to find the top choices.

Top 10 Eddie Murphy Movies you must see

After considering all the things like the ratings and box office success the list of top 10, Eddie Murphy movies are created. He is a popular actor who is known for winning multiple golden globe award nominations for his performances. He also gave voice to the movies like Shrek, which was a global success. So let’s start the list of some of the best movies from Eddie Murphy.

1. Coming To America (1988)

2. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

3. Trading Places (1983)

4. Eddie Murphy: Raw

5. Shrek (2001)

6. 48 Hrs (1982)

7. Dreamgirls (2006)

8. The Nutty Professor (1996)

9. Boomerang (1992)

10. Harlem Nights (1989)

Now you can binge-watch all these Eddie Murphy …